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What should i bring to Montes ?

We’ve all done it, Got to a location and realised we have left something behind that the destination doesn’t have. Let’s go through a couple of the common things you may or may not want to bring on your vacation that are perhaps a little less out of the normal.

  • Milk for your early morning coffee
  • Stinger suits during stinger season. We do provide these for $5 a day, however sizes may not always be available to suit every person
  • Sunscreen, or we can provide some from the office for $10
  • Food, As we are in a semi remote location, the nearest supermarket is  40min  drive away. However, we do also have a restaurant open during Thursdays through to Sundays
  • Condiments such as salt and pepper etc

Ok great, so what are the out of normal things i don't need to bring ?